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Venue: Bäckerstrasse 16/ 1st Floor, 1010 Vienna

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Sa, 28.1. & Sa. 4.2.2023
21:00 - 0:00

Milonga El Firulete

Tradition & Philosophy

Milonga El Firulete was founded by the argentine Nicolás Bertucci in 1999 to offer the- at that time- very small Vienese Tango community a place where they could experience a traditional Milonga as you can find it in Buenos Aires.

Nicolás is  dedicated to the „old School“ Milongueros and Milongas as they exist in his hometown and holds a deep respect for the traditions of the argentine Tango, including the music, the space and the dancers and their individual skills, ages and measurements of any kind.

He favors personal care over perfectionsm and a good „caminar“, chat, smile or laughter over exaggerated tango figures.

Having been mostly closed during the pandemic El Firulete now slowly returns, focusing on an amicable, intimate and relaxed atmosphere, where Tango afficinados can share their passion, dancing to traditional tangos from the golden era, having nice chats, laughter and can enjoy themselves.

Mo, 26th Dec.22, 18:30 - 21:30

After X - Mas Milonga

As delicious as all the biscuits and all the food on the holidays is or can be, and it should be enjoyed - that side effect that often appears that affects the hips and belly... very few like it.

But we don't whine, because we can find a remedy that is as delicious as it is joyful - together!

I am happy to act as host this time.

Nicolás will play gorgeous, dance-inspiring traditional tandas as well as cortinas.
In order to be really effective in the "burning off", he gives a milonga course beforehand.

There are small, healthy snacks to keep you fresh and going.

May the feet burn and the excess padding melt!

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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Du wolltest immer schon Tango tanzen lernen?
You wish to start dancing Tango?


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